Jewdyssee - This Aint Your Parents Old Yiddish Music

This German duo is out to prove that Yiddish music can be made modern and cool

Bedouin Soundclash Contest Interview

Shalom Life recently held a contest for a lucky fan to interview Bedouin Soundclash backstage before their concert in Toronto

Shalom Life Interviews Rap Star Mac Miller

Shalom Life recently had a chance to interview Mac Miller and talk about his new album, favorite Jewish food, and making a Hanukkah song with Drake.

‘What Does Your Mom Say?’: A Thanksgivukkah Parody of Ylvis’

Watch this parody that might be just as obscure as the original

EXCLUSIVE: Twin Brothers, Page and Jian Magen, Bring Comedy and

Gilbert Gottfried, Todd Shapiro, Spencer Rice, and more roasted the semi-retired wrestler

NY Times: 'In Israel, A Push to Screen for Cancer

The Times' cover story explores the politics of screening for breast cancer, particularly with Ashkenazi women

Stereotypes Prevail on Porn4Jews [PICS]

The new Tumblr dedicated to getting Jewish people hot and heavy relies primarly on age-old stereotypes, though it's certainly worth a few laughs

Disney Makes its First Israeli Acquisiton

The animation studios behemoth has bought the rights for 'Dolphin Boy,' an Israeli documentary about an Arab-Israeli boy who is healed by dolphins

Breakthrough Jew - Harley Morenstein

Morenstein is the co-creator and host of the popular YouTube cooking show, Epic Meal Time

Take Responsibility for Your Own

The 19 year old sophomore sat on the exam table looking at the floor. A college student with obvious charm

The Stanford Prison Experiment at

In 1971, researchers set up a prison in the basement of Stanford University's Psychology Department. The idea was to

U.S. vs. Europe: Health Care

As I have tried to make abundantly clear the United States is the only country in the industrialized world that

Hands Off America

Alright, that does it.Since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Americans have been willing to do their part for

Fat Returns After Liposuction ...

A study appeared in a journal titled “Obesity” which was reported by a group from the University of Colorado. In

What does Victory Look Like?

Sixty-five years ago today, World War II officially came to an end. On September 2, 1945, Japanese Foreign Minister

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Posted on 2013.11.22 by Ashley Ramnarain in Culture » TV » News
Elizabeth Berkley Lands Guest Role on 'Melissa & Joey'
The 'Dancing With The Stars' contestant will be a couples...
Posted on 2013.11.13 by Ashley Baylen in Culture » Books » Interviews
EXCLUSIVE: Interview With ‘Moving Waters’ Author and TV Writer, Racelle...
Rosett’s debut short story collection explores ancient Jewish rituals in...
Posted on 2013.09.16 by Ashley Baylen in Culture » Society » News
‘Big Bang Theory’s’ Mayim Bialik to Lead Jewish Entrepreneurial Boot...
The actress has become a co-chair for Core18, a fellowship...
Posted on 2013.08.29 by Ashley Baylen in Culture » TV » News
Fred Savage Sells Single Dad Comedy to CBS
‘Raised by Wolves’ follows a 20-something guy raising his daughter...
Posted on 2013.03.28 by Ashley Baylen in Culture » Society » News
‘GIRLS’ Meets ‘Blossom’ [VIDEO]
What would happen if Blossom and Six were melded with...
Posted on 2012.11.21 by Ashley Baylen in Culture » Society » News
Mayim Bialik to Divorce Husband, Attachment Parenting Not the Cause
The ‘Big Bang Theory’ star is splitting from her husband...
Posted on 2012.09.14 by Ashley Baylen in Culture » Society » News
10 Best Honey Flavors For Rosh Hashanah Apple-Dipping
Did you know that September is national honey month?
Posted on 2012.08.16 by David Shear in Culture » Society » News
Mayim Bialik Injured in Car Accident
The Big Bang Actress Suffers Serious Injury to Her Left...
Posted on 2012.05.30 by Sammy Hudes in News » World
Holy Blossom Rabbi Steps Down
Many members of the synagogue outraged and threaten to leave
Posted on 2012.03.22 by Ashley Baylen in Culture » Society » News
Blossom and Joey Reunite for Old Navy Commercial
Mayim Bialik and Joey Lawrence star in Old Navy’s new...
Posted on 2012.03.07 by Ashley Baylen in Culture » Society » Interviews
EXCLUSIVE: Mayim Bialik Interview & Giveaway
Shalom Life and Mayim Bialik launch a contest in celebration...
Posted on 2012.02.10 by Daniel Horowitz in News » World
Former UJA Campaign Chair, Rabbi Gunther Plaut Passes Away at...
World renowned scholar was Rabbi of Toronto’s Holy Blossom Temple
Posted on 2011.12.13 by Ashley Baylen in Culture » Society » News
Mayim Bialik & The Maccabeats Raise Money for Charity
All proceeds benefit the Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation.
Posted on 2011.12.09 by Sarah Bauder in Culture » Music » News
The Maccabeats Have New Hanukkah Song on YouTube
The Orthodox Jewish a cappella group cover Matisyahu's "Miracle".
Posted on 2011.08.04 by Ashley Baylen in Culture » Society » Interviews
Allison Josephs Talks Jew In The City & Mayim Bialik
Allison Josephs sits down with Shalom Life to discuss Orthodox...
Posted on 2011.04.28 by Ashley Baylen in Culture » TV » Interviews
Top 20 Jews In The Arts - Mayim Bialik
Blossom and Big Bang Theory star, Mayim Bialik, discusses her...
Posted on 2010.04.01 by Culture Staff in Culture » TV » News
It's a Busy Year for Mayim Bialik
Mayim Bialik is returning to Hollywood.