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The Mythography of Tel Aviv 9:42
Come explore Israel\\\'s beating heart.
Rethink: Iran - Panel discussion part 1 9:0
Is Iran a threat to the world as we know it?
From Compassion to Action 7:54
An initiative of the Dr. Maz & Gianna Glassman Tools for Tolerance Programme,...
Dr. Ada Yonath - Nobel Prize Winner 9:5
A conversation with the first Israeli woman to receive a Nobel Prize.
I'm a Jew 3:42
Several Israeli artists collaborate on a new song titled "I'm a Jew".
The Evolution of Music 6:38
Kutiman's innovative ThruYOU project has become an instant hit.
Lessons in Humanity with Rabbi Lau 8:17
An interview with Israel's former chief Rabbi and Holocaust survivor,...
Goldenberg on the Dean Blundell Show 4:11
The star of GoldMind visits the Dean Blundell Show
David D'Or 7:32
Israel's most acclaimed modern singer.
Actor and humanitarian Jon Voight 4:1
Voight explaining his connection and appreciation of the Jewish people.
Gill Hirsch of 4:59
Speaking to co-founder and CEO of
Conversation with Ehud Barak 7:18
A conversation with the most highly decorated IDF soldier in histor
Holocaust Memories 3:21
Yossi Lamel retraces his fathers steps in Auschwitz
Philosophizing with Bernard Henri Levi  4:42
Famous French philosopher provides personal insight on Jewish identity.
Rapping with SHI360 8:12
Explore Hip-Hop and the Jewish experience with Shai Haddad.
Ray Kurzweil - Futurist 6:42
Ray Kurzweil speaks about backing up your mind-file.
Itay Talgam 8:23
What do a symphony orchestra and a business have in common?