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Agudath Israel Mikvah
129 McGilvray Ave.,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5M 2Y7
(416) 789-2033
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Men's mikvah. Available for women Friday night by appointment only. Also used for tevelling dishes in a separate mikvah.
Please call ahead of time to arrange appointment.

Beth Avraham Yoseph Of Toronto Mikvah
613 Clark Ave. W,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, L4J 5V3
(905) 886-3810
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Women's mikvah. Friday night by appointment. Also used for "tevelling", ritual submersion of dishes.

Beth Joseph Lubavitch
44 Edinburgh Drive,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M3H 1B4
(416) 633-7659
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Daily, Shabbat and holiday services; adult education classes; mikvah.

Chabad Lubavitch North Mikvah
770 Chabad Gate,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, L4J 3V9
(905) 731-7000
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Mikvah for men, women and tevelling (act of submerging new dishes and utensils).

Chevra Shas Mikvah For Men
3545 Bathust Street,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M6A 2C7
(416) 782-3420
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Men's mikvah.
Available for daily use.

Clanton Park Mikvah
11 Lowesmoor Avenue,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M3H 3H6
(416) 633-4193
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Men's mikvah, also used for tevelling (act of submerging new dishes and utensils.) Located in the Bathurst/Wilson area.

Congregation Bnai Torah Mikvah
465 Patricia Ave.,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M2R 2M1
(416) 225-6620
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For women (Friday night and Yom Tov) and for tevelling (ritual immersion of dishes).

Kolel Avreichim Mikvah
515 Coldstream Avenue,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M6B 2K7
(416) 789-1853
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Mikvah for men and ritual submersion of dishes

Mikvah Society For Family Sanctity
694 Sheppard Avenue West,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M2K 1C1
(416) 633-4729
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For women only.

Mikve Ma'Ayan Hashima
7026 Bathurst Street,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, L4J 8A3
(905) 669-7654
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Mikvah for women in the Sephardic Kehila Centre. Available Friday night and Saturday night by appointment.