Peter Shurman Presents Chabad Youth Awards
Youth from GTA receive awards for community work.
By Bev Spritzer on 05.28.10
Jews Made Up Most of 19th C Immigrant Wave
Toronto is in a constant state of urban growth and development.
By Bev Spritzer on 05.27.10
Jewish Gen Hospital Expert: Drop Ban on Gay Blood Donors
Montreal HIV specialists publish report on donor inconsistencies.
By Bev Spritzer on 05.27.10
Roadside Battery Chargers Headed for Ontario
Dalton McGuinty test drives electric cars in Israel.
By Bev Spritzer on 05.26.10
Two Non-Orthodox Shuls in Israel Vandalized
Bnai Brith condemns "those in our midst who are trying to sow discord."
By Dan Verbin on 05.27.10
Barak: The Flotilla is a Political Provocation
Israel’s defense minister speaks with foreign ministers regarding Gaza aid mission.
By Elad Benari on 05.27.10
Liberty is Served
Dan Goldberg finally permitted to return home to Israel with his twins.
By Rebecca Bitton on 05.26.10
Netanyahus Demand Double Bed
Demand by Netanyahu for double bed on his private plane will be costly.
By Elad Benari on 05.25.10
Group Sues Detroit for Saying No to 'Leaving Islam' Ads
Provocative campaign deemed unfit for Detroit by city transit.
By Dan Verbin on 05.28.10
British FM: Change Universal Jurisdiction Law
Law can be too easily exploited, says Hague.
By Bev Spritzer on 05.28.10
Hezbollah Missile Base in Syria
Satellite photos capture images of terrorist scuds.
By News Staff on 05.28.10
Hebrew U Sues GM over Topless Einstein Ad
Owner of Einstein's publicity rights won't bend.
By Bev Spritzer on 05.27.10