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Vancouver Named Best City in the Americas
"Cond� Nast" readers have have given Vancouver the Best City title.
By Ilan Mester on 10.15.10
Annual Jewish Book Fair Returns to Toronto
34th annual Toronto Jewish Book Fair begins October 23.
By Elad Benari on 10.07.10
Jewish Authors at IFOA: Part Two
We present more highlights from this year's roster at the International Festival of Authors.
By Miriam Cross on 09.20.10
International Festival of Authors Expands Touring Program
IFOA Ontario will bring writers such as Yann Martel and Andrea Levy to cities across the province.
By Miriam Cross on 09.13.10
Overview: The Life of Irene Nemirovsky
The acclaimed author of Suite Francaise gets the biographical treatment.
By Culture Staff on 05.13.10
The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption, and Pee
Sarah Silverman shares the ups and downs of growing up as a bedwetter and living the life of a comedian.
By Bev Spritzer on 05.05.10
Save the Deli
In search of perfect pastrami, crusty rye and the heart of Jewish delicatessen.
By Culture Staff on 04.14.10
A family's fight for their heritage lost in the Holocaust.
By Helen Hatzis on 04.05.10
Toronto Writers Pen 'Glee' Guide
Shalom Life interviews the co-author of "Don't Stop Believin."
By Ilan Mester on 10.28.10
Chosen Books: An Interview with Gal Beckerman
A conversation with the author of When They Come for Us We�ll Be Gone: The Epic Struggle to Save Soviet...
By Culture Staff on 10.21.10
Born to be a Mentsh
Shalom Life speaks with Michael Wex, author of Born to Kvetch.
By Dan Verbin on 09.02.10
Novel Shows How to Become a Man, Today
Toronto author Larry Rodness publishes Jewish-themed novel.
By Elad Benari on 08.02.10
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