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Paul Giamatti Nabs Golden Globe Nomination
He's nominated for "Barney’s Version," based on Mordecai Richler’s novel.
By Ilan Mester on 12.14.10
Leonardo DiCaprio: rumours of Jewish conversion
Actor dating supermodel Israeli Bar Rafaeli since 2005
By Eva Cohen on 12.08.10
Israeli actor Liron Levo lands role in Sean Penn film
Penn to play son of Holocaust survivor
By Eva Cohen on 12.07.10
Israeli Technology Lets You Choose a Film's Plot
Viewer gets to choose in real time how plot unfolds.
By Eva Cohen on 12.01.10
Black Swan Review
Daren Arnofsky and Natalie Portman deliver an intense sensual ride.
By Sarah Bauder on 12.23.10
The Last of the Wild Jews
Upcoming Bravo documentary explores Mordecai Richler's influence on the Jewish cultural explosion of...
By Sarah Bauder on 12.21.10
Israeli film Disengagement out on DVD this week
Film played at TIFF in 2007
By Eva Cohen on 12.13.10
Snorkelling Beneath Words
Movie review of HOWL staring James Franco as Allen Ginsberg
By Daniel Bezalel Richardsen on 11.12.10
Jacob Medjuck Returns to Summer Camp with 'Summerhood'
Canadian filmmaker Jacob Medjuck chats with Shalom Life about his celebrated film.
By Ilan Mester on 11.18.10
Jew Out of Water
Saul Austerlitz's new book Another Fine Mess: A History of American Film Comedy chronicles over a 100...
By Culture Staff on 10.08.10
Get Ready to be 'Taken Out to the Ball Game'
A new documentary narrated by Dustin Hoffman explores the Jewish connection to baseball.
By Ilan Mester on 09.30.10
Eran Riklis' Approach to Filmmaking
Israeli director Eran Riklis likes to have comedic and dramatic elements in his films.
By Ilan Mester on 09.28.10
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