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Chanukah Gift Ideas
We're three days into Chanukah, but there's still some time to get your kids a gift.
By Ilan Mester on 12.04.10
B.C.'s Jewish Historical Society Celebrates 40 Years
The Society is responsible for a number of initiatives in British Columbia.
By Ilan Mester on 11.28.10
Museum Celebrates History of Jews in America
The museum is housed in one of the most historic cities of the United States.
By Ilan Mester on 11.22.10
AGO Acquires Works by Adad Hannah
The gallery recently acquired a number of works by Canadian artists.
By Ilan Mester on 11.01.10
Meeting Japanese culture face to face in Israel
It's the only Japanese museum in the Middle East, and the turbulent history of the collection is as inspiring...
By Ilana Teitelbaum on 10.25.10
"All Hebrews Are Our Brothers"
Photographs showcase Albanian Muslims who saved Jews during the Holocaust.
By Jeanie Keogh on 07.18.10
I Am From Here - the Paintings of Maciej Frankiewicz
Polish painter presents Jewish-themed work in Toronto.
By Moshe Mikanovsky on 06.30.10
Art Comes Out of the Gallery and Onto the Streets
The second Art on the Move launches with five vehicles sporting dazzling designs -- including a sailboat.
By Miriam Cross on 06.17.10
Ram Samocha - Peace Talks in Toronto
All about the art of an Israeli who now lives in Canada.
By Moshe Mikanovsky on 10.17.10
The Naked Naches of Jamie Sneider
VisionTV doc profiles creator of The Year of the Jewish Woman calendar.
By Dan Verbin on 10.10.10
Eric Stein Previews the 15th Ashkenaz Festival
The artistic director highlights some of the offerings at the biennial celebration of Jewish culture.
By Miriam Cross on 08.23.10
Yair Emanuel Fuses the Old with the New
In this exclusive interview, Yair Emanuel talks about his painting techniques and his unique style.
By Ilan Mester on 08.14.10
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