Heading to the Silicon Wadi
Posted Tue, Mar 2, 2010

Many of you undoubtedly know that Israel is one of the world’s top technological hubs.  Recognized by many Fortune 500 companies as a source of innovation and R&D excellence, Israel has created an economy for the 21st Century.


I am truly privelaged to have my career revolve around Israel’s technological abilities.  In my capacity as a General Partner in a VC that invests primarily in Israel and as a strong advocate for Canada-Israel industrial cooperation; I have seen the value Israeli innovation can bring.


I travel to Israel frequently visiting portfolio companies and business and government representatives.  I will be in Israel next week.  I look forward to this trip more than others in the past.  I am getting the sense that a re-alignment is occuring - not so much an absolute change, but a reminiscence of Israel’s tech hay-day of the early-to-mid 90’s.  Venture Capital is becoming scarce and entrepreneurs are very thirsty. 


As traditional sources of venture capital continue to try up due to a continued pension squeeze in the US, opportunities for those with an appetite for risk will open up.  Although not as many entrepreneurs will be funded, and start-up valuations will have declined, the long-term prospect for growth and profitability for entrepreneurs and investors hasn’t been this good since the tech boom days. 


Technological globalization, inseperable Israeli components in key industries and the fire in the belly of the Israeli entrepreneur make me very excited for the future.

Scott Woodrow
Scott is the co-founder and General Partner of Lions Peak Capital Corporation, an investment management firm with a focus on early stage technology companies. Scott has over 15 years experience in venture and venture related activities as either advisor or investment manager. Lions Peak's current fund is directed towards investment in Israel focused on medical device, telecommunications and new materials. We seek to create North American synergies and integrate international thought leadership to enable global expansion. Additionally, Scott is the Founder and Managing Director of ADA/OPT. ADA/OPT is seeking the establishment of industry specific commercialization centres. Using a bi-national model, enabling each jurisdiction to focus on core strengths, ADA/OPT seeks to maximize competitive advantage and international networks for the development and success of its portfolio companies. Scott is a Director of P-Cure Ltd., a company developing solutions for radiation oncology, specializing in proton therapy. Scott is a Chartered Accountant and holds a Bachelor degree in economics from the University of Western Ontario.

Heading to the Silicon Wadi