New at the DCL- Coffee & Tea!
Posted Thu, Jul 29, 2010

Hello to all readers,

I’m very happy to post for the first time, please forgive me for any spelling or grammar mistakes.

I’m part of a team of three woman: Efrat, Yael and me. We are volunteering at the Darahmsala Comunity Library with Buchung, a Tibetan guy who finished his economic studies and now decided to volunteer for a year in his community. After a week and a half of being a bit sick, having all sorts of meeting with different people about our ideas for the library- things are starting to happen! This is all very exciting for me. I wish we could stay a bit more and see the result of our efforts.

I didn’t feel like that the first week at all, I felt that the Tibetans were listening to our ideas and thought that they are good, but yet nothing was said from their end about actually doing things with the ideas. That was a bit upsetting because we came with all this motivation and I wasn’t sure what to do with that. Now I think a lot of this is related to the gap that’s created form the different cultures.

So now all of you probably think- well of course there’s a difference in the Israli culture and the Tibtan one, but i think it’s a different feeling as a travler and as a volunteer. My volanteering demands working with people that are thinking and acting so different from me and I need to get us working together… that’s hard sometimes.

But, as I said before or actually writen above, things are getting better. We decided with Tsundu, the funder of the library, to start giving tea and coffee for 5 and 10 roopies in order to raise money for the library. Though it’s a small amount I think we can use the money for all kinds of things we want to do that right now we don’t have money for.

So today we had tea, after cleaning the small kitchen and made a toast! That was exciting. Hope to write about more good things to come.

Bye for now from Bahgsy road,

Noam Thomas

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