Volunteering at Lha
Posted Sun, Aug 1, 2010

So we now have officially been in Dharamsala for two weeks. Time goes by so fast! After getting over the initial sickness and getting used to the constant rain, things here have been great! Our time has been filled with volunteering, delicious food, activities, and lots of chai!

I have been volunteering at the Louisiana Himalaya Association. This organization does everything! They teach English, French, Tibetan, Spanish, yoga, and even massage! I have been working with two Tibetan girls, teaching them conversational English. I meet with one student, Pema, in the morning and another student, Samten, in the afternoon.

The girls are so sweet and have taught me so much! Pema is like my personal tour guide here. She has taken me to the Bhagsu waterfall, the Dalai Lama temple on a prayer day, a museum on Tibetan astrology and medicine, and so much more!

In the afteroon, I usually go over to Samten’s apartment. It is a cute place! We talk over a nice cup of chai she has made for me and I help her with her English pronunciation. She has also taught me some Tibetan and made be declicious tsamba (Tibetan porridge).

I am learning so much about Tibetan culture and becoming great friends with the girls.

I’m having such a great experience here and can’t believe I only have one week left! Hopefully, I will be able to keep in touch with my new Tibetan friends when I am back in Canada!


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