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Illinois Supreme Court Strikes Down Tort Reform

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

The Supreme Court of the State of Illinois struck down tort reform more than a week ago. There are several ramifications which doctors and patients in Illinois should understand.
• Illinois will now move from one of the 5 most dangerous states in the union in which to practice medicine to the most dangerous state
• Physicians will resume their egress from the state and within the next several years there will be a noticeable shortage of physicians: first obstetricians and neurosurgeons, then family practice and internal medicine.
• Health care will be provided by paramedical trained people and this will accelerate the replacement of physicians with nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Diagnostic decisions will be made by professionals with 2-6 years of training in medicine and virtually no basic science background.
• The anger and bias of citizen against citizen will be promoted and more acts of intolerance in the name of social justice will be perpetuated
• The divisiveness between the Democratic and Republican parties will continue and neither party feels they have anything to gain by promoting a common good.
• Heed Evan Bayh’s words: There is no co-operation or cohesiveness in Congress. Neither is there a will to promote the welfare of the country; there is plenty of enmity and irrational partisanship
• Politicians realize more than ever that the main purpose of their position in government is to get re-elected. To that end some will inflame any contingency that supports a radical agenda.
• The Trial Lawyers’ Association, representing just 20% of attorneys in the country, has solidified its hold on federal and state government and the conduct of the judiciary in the State of Illinois.
• Philosophically this will promote subsequent generations’ attitudes to not accept responsibility for their actions. By blaming someone(s) else for consequences there is little incentive to change behavior.