Israel is Also Guilty
Posted Tue, Apr 20, 2010

The anti-Israel atmosphere on Canadian universities is becoming more extreme. The attacks on pro-Israel students from Carleton University and York University could be a step up in terms of the threat level. It was by miracle that the latest incident didn’t end with casualties. Extremists are cynically exploiting freedom of expression and are sometimes violent in an attempt to stifle others’ freedom of speech. The same situation occurred during Ann Coulter’s recent visit to the University of Ottawa, where violence prevailed. This is a test for Canada. A democracy must defend itself against those who seek to attack its values.

At the same time, one can understand the hostility against Israel. It is perfectly justified and Israel achieved it “rightly”. Israel criminally abandons the field of advocacy and leaves the opponent’s side to write history as well as the indictment against it. More than a year has passed since the war in Gaza, and until now the Israeli government has not published its version of the serious events that occurred causing Israel to be a war crimes suspect. Why? Does an investigation about an incident in which five people were involved require more than a year? Israel is using gross negligence and it will pay a heavy political and legal price for it. A friend recently contacted me and offered me to join in the establishment of a new group which will deal with PR for Israel. I replied that my work is in research and he should contact the ambassador and consul in charge for issues of PR, and that Shalom Toronto is willing to dedicate a column for their representatives to respond to the allegations against Israel.

Jonathan Dahoh-Halevi
Fellow and senior researcher at the Jerusalem Centre for Public Affairs , head of research of the Orient Research Group Ltd., investigative journalist and an activist in the Jewish and Israeli communities.

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