Looking Up
Posted Thu, Feb 18, 2010

Wallpapers have made a distinctive come back and have facilitated the ability to implement bold elements into our interior spaces.  Although vertical applications of wallpaper have been an ongoing trend, horizontal applications are now taking on new heights! Yes, that’s right; wallpapering ceilings is the latest trend that will have you looking ‘up’ for inspiration.

If you wish to introduce a bold pattern, choose a room that is intimate and proportionate in size, such as a cozy square or rectangular room.  Great examples are bedrooms and powder rooms.  For larger rooms or open concept spaces, a softer and more subtle paper is likely to be the most suitable look.

Remember to pay attention to colour and its optical effects when wallpapering your ceiling. Going dark will likely furnish the impression of a dropped ceiling, while going with a brighter shade will achieve the opposite. Nevertheless, patterns and textures will simply catch attention and will not likely have a play in the dropping or raising notions of a ceiling. Whatever your wallpaper of choice is, remember that wallpapering the ceiling will make a room feel cozy. There is simply something comforting and about a ceiling treatment with style.

For ceilings that are rough, uneven or sloped, wallpapering is a great solution in covering up these unsightly areas. Wallpapering horizontal surfaces is an easy DIY project, although it will require some patience and possible an extra pair of hands to assist in the application and preparation of the project. When starting out, ensure that your ceilings have been sanded down and that all flaking paint and uneven areas have been prepped to receive the paper. The next step is to proceed with measuring your ceiling and cutting all your strips to the right lengths, don’t forget to mind the pattern. Matching a pattern is the most essential item to make note of when applying wallpaper to any surface. Lastly comes the adhesive and pasting, ensure your have 2 sets of ladders for this project and all the necessary tools before starting out.

Wallpapering ceilings will create a boutique hotel-like experience and will certainly tie a whole space together with style!

Dvira Ovadia
Dvira Ovadia is a designer and an expert in everything to do with residential and commercial design. In addition to her interior designer title, Dvira is also a prop stylist, a style editor, a trend specialist and everything in between. With a degree in architecture from the University of Toronto and a masters in interior design from Pratt Institute in New York, Dvira has also managed to trot the globe on a mission to discover the world in the context of design and architecture. Her career has led her to work on an extensive line of design projects and be a part of some of the most renowned design firms. Most notably Dvira was a winner of a reality show called From The Ground Up, where she beat out 9,000 applicants and 14 finalists who competed to become Debbie Travis's Chief Designer.

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