Going Mad for Plaid
Posted Mon, Nov 23, 2009

In the fashion world plaid is hotter than ever showing up on garments from high end designers to affordable brands! The look is hip, hot and refreshed. It was once that plaid was thought of as a print that only our grandparents would wear! Well now, it looks like we’re all wearing it from baby to adult and now our interiors! Yes that’s right, our interiors are wearing plaid!

Plaid has come a long way from being a dreary print to an exciting pattern that allows us to bring in color, texture and a sense of uniqueness.
The key, as with most bold and vibrant items, is to use it sparingly, and use it tastefully. Just like you would not dress yourself head to toe in a Burberry print, you will not want to overkill your home with plaid dressings.

As we approach the cold winter month having a reserve of plaid blankets and throws in your living and family room is a great way to add warmth and visual texture. Many modern plaid prints today, aside from the ever popular Burberry print are very sophisticated and come in a wide array of color choices to suit your existing decor. You will also find that many plaid prints are a lot more uniform in color, while some are using trendy colors schemes, and others are going black and white chic.

Whatever you fancy, the traditional plaid or the modernized version of plaid, either one is an energizing way to mix plaid in your home, working best in a setting that is neutral and is thirsty for some expression. Take an old chair and upholster it in a fun plaid print, or throw a couple toss cushions on a set of plain bed sheets, it will add character and interest to any room and will ensure an exciting contrast between the plain prints and neutral colors.

Plaid is so hot right now, that even one of my favourite designers, Marcel Wanders has come up with plaid wallpaper! Again, we would not want to overdo this look, but using a plaid wallpaper sparingly on a feature wall in a bedroom or a family room will be a sure way to warm up your color palette, and bring in a modern and revived version of the classic Ralph Lauren plaid.

Dvira Ovadia
Dvira Ovadia is a designer and an expert in everything to do with residential and commercial design. In addition to her interior designer title, Dvira is also a prop stylist, a style editor, a trend specialist and everything in between. With a degree in architecture from the University of Toronto and a masters in interior design from Pratt Institute in New York, Dvira has also managed to trot the globe on a mission to discover the world in the context of design and architecture. Her career has led her to work on an extensive line of design projects and be a part of some of the most renowned design firms. Most notably Dvira was a winner of a reality show called From The Ground Up, where she beat out 9,000 applicants and 14 finalists who competed to become Debbie Travis's Chief Designer.

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