Vibrant folkloric trends
Posted Tue, Jul 14, 2009

The Country-Folk look has pierced through the boarders of modern design, with a renewed sense of sophistication!The elements of hand made charm, vibrant colors and basic florals is what this look is all about. Envision your home uplifted by some of these elements yet brought down to the basics of country living and comfortable retreating.

Experiment with this look in at least one room in your home. It can be a guest room, a sunroom or even a family room. Consider a space where the sense of comfort and basics is what you ultimately want to convey. You should probably steer away from any formal rooms or dining rooms, where the looks tends to demand a more prim and proper appeal.

To achieve the modern folkloric style, look for some of the following items, keep in mind that the soft pastel tones of the traditional country-style are more conventional and will not aim to achieve that fresh and punchy appeal of the newly adapted folkloric look:

1. Your Basic Fluff: Pillows that are vibrant and colourful, with pretty flowers that are reminiscent of daisies, roses and carnations. Whether printed or embroidered these magenta, orange and punchy red decorative elements will create a striking statement.
2. Cosy Comforters: Take up quilting or look for some local quilters in your area, they will be delighted to custom sew you a vibrant and up-beat folkloric throw for you to drape on a comfy couch or at the foot of a bed.
3. Vintage Plates: find some of your grandma’s old flower plates, or go bargain hunting at some of your local garage sales, and antique markets. Create a collage of these plates and hang them on the wall for that true whimsical touch.
4. Feature Wall: Create a feature wall with an easy do-it-yourself stencil or find pretty wallpaper that you may want to try to hang yourself on an uncomplicated wall. Keep stencilling in mind if you are trying to embellish an old cabinet or chest of drawers. Any of these techniques will allow for a dramatic effect and a unique look.
5. Go Ethnic: The impression of traditional folkloric looks stem from ethnic cultures, and while each have their own individual characters most of them share the vivid, rich and warm colors that are typical of this style. Search for your favourite tribal pieces to incorporate with your very own folkloric look. One of my favourite examples of this is the Matryoshka prints by Thomas Paul.

Dvira Ovadia
Dvira Ovadia is a designer and an expert in everything to do with residential and commercial design. In addition to her interior designer title, Dvira is also a prop stylist, a style editor, a trend specialist and everything in between. With a degree in architecture from the University of Toronto and a masters in interior design from Pratt Institute in New York, Dvira has also managed to trot the globe on a mission to discover the world in the context of design and architecture. Her career has led her to work on an extensive line of design projects and be a part of some of the most renowned design firms. Most notably Dvira was a winner of a reality show called From The Ground Up, where she beat out 9,000 applicants and 14 finalists who competed to become Debbie Travis's Chief Designer.

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