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Published: April 4th 2010
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An e-mail which circulated over the weekend claiming that a No Frills location in Richmond Hill is refusing to sell products originating in Israel is likely incorrect.


In a message sent to members of the “BUYcott Israel” group on Facebook, Sara Saber-Freedman explained that the e-mail circulated claimed that a sign in the No Frills store at Yonge Street and 16th Avenue in Richmond Hill had stated that the store does not sell Israeli products for political reasons. The e-mail also said that the store does not carry any Kosher products.


“We have visited the premises and spoken with the store owner and two of his managers. There is no such sign, nor, according to store management, has there ever been such a sign, nor is there such a policy,” wrote Saber-Freedman in the message.


Howard English, VP Strategic Communications at UJA Federation has also circulated an e-mail in an attempt to correct the situation.


“I went to the store and spent about an hour there with the owner.  He has no idea where, how or why this started. He posted no such sign and (at my suggestion) will check with his team to see if such a sign was found by his staff, and removed without telling him. I believe him. I do not believe that such a sign was posted at his store. I believe that rumours to that effect are without basis,” said English in the e-mail.


David Grossman of MENSCHlife TV (a weekly, Jewish themed talk show), posted a YouTube video (below) in which he is seen outside the store and says that he saw no such sign on the door. Grossman also claims to have spoken to the owner of the store who was surprised at the incident and explained that there is no such boycott of Israeli products in the store.


In regards to the store not selling Kosher products, Grossman said that he could not find a box of matzah in the store but attributed that to the fact that there is not a large number of Jewish people living in the area.


“I find it more credible that the product mix in the store is based on a demographic analysis of the store's potential clientele. Their analysis may or may not be correct, but that is a very different matter from allegations that the store has adopted an anti-Israel policy,” said English in his e-mail.


Saber-Freedman wrote in the Facebook message that the store carries Kosher products but is not designated as a Passover store: “those seeking such products are referred to another Loblaws location. It does not appear that the store currently carries any Israeli products, but we believe that this is by happenstance rather than deliberate policy.”

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