Harper: We Urge Stronger Coordinated Action on the Iranian Regime

Published: March 30th 2010
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Prime Minister Stephen Harper at a meeting of the G-8 Foreign Ministers
Pic: PMO

Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper made remarks during a meeting of the G-8 foreign ministers, which was held in Gatineau, Quebec (near Ottawa).


During his statement, Harper mentioned the upcoming Nuclear Security Summit in Washington in April, and the Review Conference on the Non Proliferation Treaty in New York in May. “[W]ith that in mind, let me just take note and congratulate our Russian and American friends on Friday’s U.S.-Russia agreement on the further reduction of their nuclear arsenals.  This should give us all hope that the future need not be an inevitable descent towards darkness,” said Harper.


He also mentioned the regimes in Iran and North Korea. “Both are countries whose actions contravene their international obligations.  Both use violence and intimidation to deprive their own citizens of fundamental rights.  Both are serious threats to global security,” said Harper and added that Canada urges stronger actions against the regimes of both countries. “We urge North Korea to return to the Six-Party Talks without preconditions. And we urge a heightened focus, and stronger coordinated action, including sanctions if necessary, on the Iranian regime.  Tehran must halt its nuclear activities and engage in peaceful dialogue.  There is much at stake.  If nuclear proliferation leads to the use of nuclear weapons, whether by states or non-state actors, then no matter where the bombs are set off, the catastrophe will be felt around the world.  Canada will continue to work closely with our G-8 partners as we confront these serious threats to our common security.”


Ynet reported on Tuesday that the draft of the final communiqué from the foreign ministers meeting urges the international community to take “appropriate and strong steps” to show its resolve over the nuclear program. Western members of the United Nations Security Council are pushing for another round of sanctions against Iran. It is widely suspected that although Iran is claiming its nuclear program is peaceful, it is trying to develop nuclear weapons.


“Let me say that again: if the world’s richest and most powerful nations do not deal with the world’s hardest and most intractable problems, they simply will not be dealt with.  Your meeting today is a key forum for discussing the issues we face together and it is, of course, a critical step towards the leaders’ summit in June,” said Harper.

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