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Published: March 30th 2010
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Anne Frank

In 140 characters or less, students can now send Anne Frank their thoughts. The United Nations along with the Anne Frank Center USA began an initiative that allows young people to convey messages on Twitter to the late best-selling author.


Frank was a German-Jewish teen during the Nazi invasion. When her family hid for two years, she kept a diary that expressed her thoughts and realizations about World War II. Her diary was later published and sold millions of copies around the world.


This year marks the 65th anniversary of her death in the Holocaust. Frank was only 15 years old when she passed away at the concentration camp. The Message to Anne Frank Twitter Campaign encourages students to travel to the past and put themselves in Frank’s predicament. It asks students two questions: “What messages of support would you have sent Anne?” and “What would you have told Anne that you have learned from her life and experience?”


Kimberly Mann, manager of Holocaust and the UN Outreach Programme in the Department of Public Information’s Outreach Division, told Vancouverite, “This exercise is meant to help young people make a meaningful connection to the Holocaust through the words of a courageous young girl.”


Students can tweet their messages to @UNandHolocaust. The tweets will be exhibited at the Anne Frank Center in New York. The campaign will run until April 11, just in time for Yom Ha Shoah.

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