Passover 2.0

Published: March 29th 2010
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Passover has never been so high-tech, thanks to Behrman House. The Jewish educational publisher in New Jersey has concocted a few ways that can make Monday’s Seder meal more digital.


Behrman House’s program allows families to personalize their Haggadah. Rather than using traditional photos, families can upload their own pictures on the cover. Families can also follow a tutorial on how to customize their Haggadah on YouTube. So far, the company has sold 100 sets of personalized Haggadot.


Project coordinator Jessica Gurtman told the Los Angeles Times, “We see it as a way for people to make the experience their own, that they and their families are the Jewish people who went through this.”


The company has also printed a special version for President Barack Obama, using a photo of the First Family hosting a seder in the White House last year. Behrman House sent 30 copies to the president and hopes his family would include it in their celebration. But Behrman House has not stopped there.


The publisher has also created a game on Facebook. Entitled "Find the Afikomen," the game’s premise lies on finding a piece of matzo before the service can continue. Behrman House has also designed an iPhone application called iMah Nishtanah, which aims to help children learn and memorize their parts.


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