Jewish Owner of Montreal Store Selling Holocaust Soap

Published: March 28th 2010
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A Montreal store selling soap allegedly made from the remains of Holocaust victims

It is not illegal in Canada to sell items that have swastikas on them. Bromberg said that B’nai Brith gets a number of calls each year pertaining to the sale of Nazi memorabilia, the majority dealing with flags and uniforms. Five complaints in 2009 did not result in criminal charges.


However, Bromberg noted that if the soap is authentic, selling it would violate Canadian laws forbidding the sale of human body parts. If conversely, the soap is not authentic, claiming it was made out of human remains would be fraudulent and also illegal.


Jewish historians and Holocaust experts acknowledge that the Nazis had a program that experimented with using fat from the remains of concentration camp victims to make soap but there is no evidence there was ever a program of mass production.


“The only appropriate place for such items is in a museum where it’s there for educating the public of the true meaning of Never Again,” said Bromberg.

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