The Story of Furious Pete to Debut at Hot Docs

Published: March 28th 2010
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Furious Pete in action
Pic: G. I. Productions
The Story of Furious Pete official poster
Pic: G. I. Productions
Producer Igal Hecht
Pic: G. I. Productions


George: Right now, The Story of Furious Pete is taking on a life of its own and requires our full attention. In fact, I just came across an article in Toronto Life where they said our film is one of the top five documentaries to watch out for. That's pretty cool! Aside from everything that comes with promoting, marketing and selling this film, we are also actively growing our company G.I. Productions that specializes in everything from film & TV production to corporate promotional videos and special event coverage, so I think everything else is taking a backseat right now. We are realizing that there just ain’t enough hours in the day to do everything.


Igal: The main focus right now is G.I. Productions.  We want to grow and create compelling content for film and television and we both hope that we continue to achieve that.




For a look at the official trailer for The Story of Furious Pete as well as G.I. Production's website:




For Hot Docs info and to purchase tickets:



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