Yann Martel's Holocaust Allegory

Published: March 26th 2010
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Beatrice and Virgil cover

Destiny can take many shapes and for Henry – who’s struggling to complete a book about the Holocaust – it comes in the form of an envelope from a strange person.


In the envelope is a story by Flaubert in which animals are killed, together with a play that features two characters: one named Beatrice, the other named Virgil. The note was signed ‘Henry,’ with an address in the same city.


Henry’s life changes the moment he finds the address and steps into a taxidermist’s shop, and the strange story about a donkey and a monkey starts to expand.


Beatrice & Virgil asks questions about violence, kindness and the power stories can have.


This is Yann Martel’s first book since last year’s What is Stephen Harper Reading? He’s the award-winning author of Life of Pi.


Beatrice & Virgil will be released April 6.



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