Cancellation of Ann Coulter Speech Akin to Censorship

Published: March 25th 2010

Conservative pundit Ann Coulter
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In his blog, Levant called what took place in Ottawa a “near-riot,” pointing out that protestors were there for more than good old fashioned jeering. A student wrote that she wanted to hurl “veggies and eggs at (Coulter's) evil Barbie mask” while another wrote of his hope that someone would get arrested. A third said that “somebody needs to throw a pie at her during her speech like they did at the University of Arizona.”


Levant put the blame for the charged atmosphere squarely on the shoulders of the University of Ottawa for fostering what he termed an “abusive student culture” that has no patience for difference of opinion.


“Congratulations,” he said. “The (university and protestors) managed to shut down Ann Coulter’s speech and deny 450 ticket holders the right to hear her, but at the same time 33 million Canadians got a lesson in what universities are really like today. So I think it really backfired big-time on the University of Ottawa.”


The episode is another example of how Canada’s hate laws are tenuous at best and open to “gross political abuse,” said Levant, explaining that he thinks such laws should be done away with completely.


“You can see how corrupt these laws are. They’re just open season for political abuse. That’s really what was going on. Ann Coulter is clearly not a criminal but the fact that the vice president latched on to this to criminalize his ideological opponent shows how abusive the law is.”


He added that in his opinion as a lawyer, Canada’s hate laws would not likely have applied to anything Coulter would have said, making the claims in Houle’s letter nothing more than an intimidation tactic as far as he is concerned.


“There was zero chance that (Ann Coulter) would be prosecuted,” he said.


Levant is again introducing Coulter at her speech tonight in Calgary, assuming of course that a near-riot does not force its cancellation, something Levant feels is unlikely.


“I have never heard of a political speaker of any stripe, left wing or right wing, ever being shut down in Alberta’s 105-year history,” said the Alberta-born Levant. “Albertans love political debate and the worst thing we do to people is ignore them.”


The week’s events have certainly generated a boatload of publicity for the never camera shy Coulter, who is certainly not ducking the additional attention. In fact, the pugnacious pundit has apparently hired Levant to prepare a human rights case against the University of Ottawa for discriminating against her as a member of an identifiable group – conservatives.


Due to overwhelming demand, tonight’s speech has been upgraded to a larger venue at the University of Calgary, and Levant is relishing the chance to use his time on stage introducing Coulter to comment on the injustices of a university system he sees as having turned liberal ideals of openness and free speech on their head.

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