"The City of Vaughan Considers Every Proposed Change Carefully"

Published: March 23rd 2010
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The Thornhill neighbourhood which is being developed
Pic: Elad Benari
Ward 5 Councillor Alan Shefman
Pic: City of Vaughan

As previously reported in Shalom Life, a decision two weeks ago by Vaughan City Council to approve an amendment to the official plan which would allow for more condo buildings at the intersection of New Westminster Drive and North Park Road in Thornhill, has left some of the neighbourhood’s residents upset.


City of Vaughan Ward 5 councillor Alan Shefman, who represents the area in question, addressed some of the residents’ concerns regarding the proposed building.


“It is not at all uncommon for a developer to change various aspects of their plans over time, especially when a project has a ten year lifespan such as this one,” explained Shefman, in reference to the city changing what was called the final plan for the neighbourhood. “In fact many (I don't know of the exact numbers) people bought either townhomes or condos over the last two years -- after the new amended plan was in public - they would have been aware that the developer had made some changes.”


Shefman emphasized that the City of Vaughan considers the original plans as well as every change proposed very carefully. He explained that staff and members of Council take consider a variety of issues such as concerns of local residents, original zoning and official plan for the area, capacity (water, sewer, transportation), the impact on the surrounding areas, and quality of the proposal among others.


In regards to the concern that the high density is being concentrated all in one neighbourhood, Shefman explained that the high density is not limited to this specific area but that rather it is becoming the most common form of residential development. Areas such as Yonge and Steeles, Jane and Rutherford, and Highway 7 and Weston Road are all being developed in this way. Under the Ontario Government Places to Grow requirements, the City (and other GTA municipalities) must develop in the future at much higher densities. “Our new Official Plan which we will be starting consultations on the draft next month will reflect our new approach to development,” added Shefman.


Specifically regarding the area in question, Shefman said that “it was designated as a mixed use high density residential/commercial area well over 15 years ago. It is an ideal location for such development as it has accessible transportation and a huge variety of services. If you would ask most people who live there, they will tell you how much they enjoy living there.”


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