Judaism at SXSW

Published: March 17th 2010
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SXSW Interactive

With the 2010 South by Southwest festival in full swing, thousands of participants from all over converge for the ten day event. From film and music to interactive programming, SXSW welcomed over 2,300 proposals to the March 12-16 interactive portion of the festival.

Justin Oberman and Sefer Liat took the opportunity and submitted their idea: In a world that has become somewhat hostile, this panel will explore the different avenues Jews have started using New Media to talk about Judaism, Religion and Israel.

Out of the 2,300 proposals reviewed by PanelPicker, Oberman and Liat were selected and opened their panel to guests yesterday afternoon.


Here are some of the questions that were included in the proposal for the interactive portion of the festival. Below see video that was recorded during the event.


       1. How do you feel Judaism is being treated in the media?
       2. How have you used new media tools to offer the Jewish prespective?
       3. What is the religious Jewish law (if any) regarding new media?
       4. Are Jewish blogs just preaching to the choir?
       5. How succesful have you been in reaching out to Jews?
       6. What is your assement of Jewish trust and knowledge of these tools?
       7. How does Israel use new media?
       8. How does loshon hora (guarding one's speech) fit into all of this?
       9. Are there 10 questions because there are ten commandments?
      10. How are you using new media to talk about Judaism?













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