Passover at Prosserman

Published: March 17th 2010
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Prosserman JCC cooking class
Prosserman JCC logo
Pic: Prosserman JCC

The Prosserman JCC has a slew of classes to help you prepare for Passover.


 “As Toronto’s only Kosher COR supervised cooking school, we welcome all members of the community to learn and develop their culinary skills and hidden talents,” shared Ellen Grossman, Coordinator and in house chef for the Prosserman JCC culinary studio.


The culinary studio offers a wide range of classes to appeal to the wide spectrum of cultural backgrounds and personal tastes.  “We try to focus our classes around the Jewish holidays, since food plays such a significant role in Jewish observance,” said Grossman.


She also added that private parties are also held in the Culinary studio. “People have a fabulous time and learn new skills at the same time. I love it when I run into people after a class and they tell me that they tried a recipe by themselves. So nice to see people with a new sense of confidence in the kitchen.”


For more information on Prosserman JCC cooking classes please click here.







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