Mel Brooks Musical Hits Toronto

Published: March 16th 2010
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Young Frankenstein

Comedy legend Mel Brooks’ new musical Young Frankestein, will be showing at the Princess of Wales Theatre in Toronto starting March 17. The play is an adaptation of Brooks’ 1974 film. It was nominated for an Oscar and debuted on Broadway in 2007. 


Young Frankenstein began touring in September and has fared well at the box office. In an interview with The Canadian Press, Brooks admitted that several patrons had difficulty getting tickets. Of course, no one is more proud of the production than Brooks himself.


“I tell ya, anytime I’m depressed, all I’ve got to do is sit in the audience of Young Frankenstein and listen to the roars, the gales of laughter rolling over me, and I say, ‘Yeah, it’s good, it’s really good,’” he said to The Canadian Press.


Brooks—winner of one Oscar, two Grammys, three Tonys and three Emmys—is in the process of writing a song for another play. Blazing Saddles will also be an adaptation of the 1974 film. His first adaptation, The Producers, is currently on a world tour. Like The Producers, the new musical Young Frankenstein also tackles racial prejudices.


Young Frankenstein is scheduled until April 18. For more information, visit

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