Israel Cricket Association Honoured in Dubai

Published: March 16th 2010
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Israeli Cricket Association

The International Cricket Council, based in Dubai, has awarded the Israeli Cricket Association with a top prize for bringing together Jews and Bedouins in the Southern Negev desert. The cross border initiative is the brainchild of the Israel Cricket Association’s chairman, Stanley Perlman.


The Association’s director Naor Gudker who is also an international umpire told the media that the universal appeal of cricket makes it among the top three sports in Asia and in many Muslim states like Pakistan and Dubai. According to Gudker, the majority of managers, players and coaches are Muslim but he does not feel that the Israeli team is met with any disdain or revolt when they play in such countries. Gudker expressed his jubilation over the project, claiming that cricket can help bridge the gap between Bedouins and Jews by allowing them to play together.


Gudker says the next step is to make cricket accessible to Arab Israelis in Israel’s northern regions. He also used this opportunity to criticize the authorities for denying cricket the support it deserves. He goes on to say that cricket is quite popular in Israel and that with 21 teams, school leagues and youth leagues, the sport should be given more funding to build a central stadium which would help propel the sport to an international level.


The award is not the first of its kind for the Israeli Cricket Association. They were honoured with a similar prize in 2001.

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