TTC's Selection of Student for Advisory Panel Criticized

Published: March 15th 2010

YFS President Krisna Saravanamuttu
Pic: youtube

“We would have thought that the committee would have really looked into who they were putting on the panel and that they would have taken someone who was not so politically charged and who hadn’t been at the centre of so many issues,” he said.


In a March 8 National Post story, TTC spokesperson Brad Ross said he was not aware of the 2009 incident. “Whatever happened, whether it’s political positions, or criticism by groups of people … it isn’t relevant to the panel’s task, which is really improving customer service,” he said.


Ferman was President of Hillel at York in 2009. He was in the Hillel lounge during the February incident, communicating with Toronto police and York security, as the crowd rallied by Saravanamuttu and Zimmerman surrounded Hillel’s office.


“The incident was probably one of the scariest moments I’ve had on campus,” Ferman said. “You really felt threatened for being Jewish. It’s one of those moments that you question how someone can get away with doing that and only get slapped with a fine.”


Shalom Life repeatedly called the TTC and left multiple messages. The TTC did not wish to respond.

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