Israeli Journalist Arrested for Leaking Top Secret Documents

Published: March 15th 2010

Anat Kam
Pic: WikiMedia Commons
One of the leaked documents

The article by Uri Blau, dated November 28, 2008, included a copy of two documents classified as "Top Secret", which showed, according to Blau, that the IDF chief of staff confirmed the assassination of wanted men as well as innocent people, in violation of the court in this matter. One of the documents was written (likely in March 2007) in the Special Operations unit of Central Command, and sent to the Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) Division, the Menashe brigade (area of Jenin), and Central Command. The other document, dated April 16, 2007, was written in the bureau of the chief of staff, and summarizes a general staff meeting.


In an article published on this matter on November 30 by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (and which also appeared in Shalom Toronto), entitled "A mole in the bureau of the chief of Central Command”, the documents were analyzed and the conclusion was that the "Deep Throat" that provided documents to Uri Blau served in Command Center’s headquarters and had access to very sensitive documents (either by permission or illegally) within the folders of Central Command Major General Gadi Shamni. The article also estimated that the "Deep Throat" would like, through these documents, to thwart the defense forces’ activities against left-wing parties, and arouse widespread public criticism, both in Israel and abroad, against the IDF’s policy regarding targeted killing of terrorists.


Internet forums belonging to the Israeli left have expressed support for the leak by Anat Kam, and have called it "a moral act" and "a civil duty". One of the messages stated: "We must fight for Israeli democracy even if Anat Kam cannot or will not do it herself, and even if the Israeli press cannot or does not want to do it itself."

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