Granddaughter Pays Tribute to Warner Brothers

Published: March 11th 2010

"Brothers Warner"
Pic: Warner Sisters

The Brothers Warner tells the story of the brothers who founded one of the most influential movie studios in the world.




The film is the work of Cass Warner Sperling, Harry Warner’s granddaughter. She directed, produced and supplied the narration for the documentary.




Her grandfather founded Warner Brothers with his siblings Sam (CEO), Albert (treasurer) and Jack (in charge of production). They were sons of Jewish immigrants from Poland. The brothers’ interest in film peaked when their father bought a nickelodeon in 1903. They started making their own films when there weren‘t enough movies that could fit the bill at their theatre. Warner Brothers studio was formed years later in 1928.




The DVD includes never-before seen footage of the brothers and the Golden Years of Hollywood. Sperling spent over 30 years compiling research for the documentary.




The daughter of writer-producer Milton Sperling, Cass Sperling grew up on the studio’s lot. Sperling has her own production company dubbed Warner Sisters.


"As the founder and president of Warner Sisters, I whole-heartedly believe that the moving image—in the form of films, television, video and other media—is an incredibly powerful communication tool," said Sperling in a statement. "It can be equated to today’s tribal drum—carrying emotional, intellectual and philosophical messages, which are hummed almost unknowingly or subliminally as the result of taking in this form of entertainment."

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