"We Will Not Raise Taxes"

Published: March 11th 2010

Minister Peter Kent
Pic: PeterKent.ca

“We will not raise taxes,” promises the Hon. Peter Kent, MP for Thornhill in a special interview with Shalom Life, adding that Thornhill and York Region residents will continue to enjoy the progress in infrastructure improvements, securing their positions in the work place and continued efforts to keep the Thornhill area a good place to live in.


As the western countries are still struggling with the recession and following the growing unemployment rate and dwindling economy, Canada is planning to be the leading country to narrow its deficit and move forward on the growth track. Last week’s budget presented a 5 year forecast based on three main goals – securing jobs and creating new ones, continuing to perform the action plan and lowering the deficit.


The Hon. Peter Kent mentioned that Canada is facing big challenges but he anticipates that the Canadian economy can be successful under these circumstances. “The plan may face some challenges but we know that our economy will get out of the recession even stronger then any other G8 country and at the same time we will work on lowering the deficit level.” He added that the way to achieve these goals is through cuts in government spending and freezing the salaries of the officials.


Canada will lead the G8 countries to go out of the recession

The stimulus plan created a large deficit but the local economy got a boost for recovery. “If we wouldn’t have created the deficit there would have been a chance that the economic situation would have been much worse. We also encouraged other countries to adopt the same policy so we can all get out of the recession,” said Kent, and added that he believes that the most challenging thing is to monitor government spending at the administrative level, and cutting spending, while continuing to support the sensitive economy and bringing it back to a normal stage.


No cuts in Health care or education

Kent said that unlike the early nineties when the Liberals were in power and the budget was shrinking health support and education payments, the Conservative government will not do the same. “The good news is that we will not raise taxes and we will not cut government spending on health or education, like the Liberals did in the early nineties. We will keep on supporting the provinces and give them the right amount so they should be able to manage their resources properly, and as a result every citizen will have the access to proper health treatment.”


Cuts in the foreign budget

The main change in the budget will be in the lowering of government spending on foreign support. “We will not continue to enlarge the amounts being spent outside of Canada as we did through the years,” said Kent. The Caribbean and South America will keep on benefiting from the Canadian support but the main focus will be on long lasting projects that have already begun.


York region will benefit from infrastructure development

“The residents of Thornhill and the area will continue to enjoy infrastructure development,” explains the MP. He promises that securing positions and initiating new jobs are of a main concern. “We will keep investing in the development of recreational centres. Ten million dollars will be dedicated to involving aged people in the community.” He mentioned that a new budget will be dedicated to the young professionals that graduate from university in order to support their involvement in the workforce. This budget will enable further research in the universities. “The good news is that all these plans will not result in taxes rising,” he concluded.

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