York Suspends Student Calling for Genocide against Jews

Published: March 10th 2010
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York University
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York University has suspended a student being investigated by the OPP and Toronto Police Service for anti-Semitic online postings advocating genocide against Jews.




Salman Hossain has been barred by York officials from attending classes and the university has instructed him to appear before a disciplinary tribunal that is empowered with deciding what will happen to the student.




“In the meantime, we are basically applying the full extent of what we can with regards to discipline until that time,” said Keith Marnoch, York Media Relations Associate Director.




Marnoch said that York is sticking to “due process on campus (as) best we can” for the “benefit and safety of the community at large.”




He said that a face-to-face sit down with Hossain will happen in the near future, but for now, Hossain is “aware that this is the process that we’re doing.”




Posting to Arizona-based website filthyjewishterrorists.com, Hossain described Jews as “diseased and filthy”, “the scum of the earth,” “mass murderers” and “psychotic.” He further wrote that a “genocide should be perpetrated against the Jewish populations of North America and Europe.”




The website, which is now down, is being investigated by OPP and Toronto police hate crimes units.


Hossain first came to the attention of Canadian counter-terrorism investigators three years ago after authoring online posts supporting terrorist attacks in Canada and calling for the killing of Western soldiers so that “they think twice before entering foreign countries on behalf of their Jew masters.” He also claimed to know the leader of the Toronto 18 terrorist plot.




The OPP hate crimes and extremism unit began an investigation that only wound up last year, at which point Ontario’s attorney general declined to press charges. The reason: by that time, Hossain had removed the incriminating postings, had not made hateful postings for over a year and was in the middle of rehabilitation.




Jordan Kerbel, National Director of Public Affairs for Canadian Jewish Congress, said that CJC is satisfied with York’s suspension of the student, but feels the university should have acted faster in such an extreme case.




“We were relieved to hear that he has been suspended. We commend York for taking what was definitely the necessary and appropriate step,” Kerbel said. “We would like to see the process in the future expedited so matters of such great concern can be acted upon immediately and efficiently.”




Daniel Ferman, Hillel’s city wide chair for Greater Toronto and a past president of Hillel at York, said that York “acted appropriately in protecting students and ensuring someone who’s advocating genocide isn’t’ walking down the halls of York.”




However, he pointed out that York doesn’t have proper policies and procedures in place for severe situations.




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