Holocaust Survivor Turns 100 Years Old

Published: March 8th 2010
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Oscar Haber
Pic: Lexington Herald-Leader

He was a 29-year-old dentist in Poland when Adolf Hitler invaded the country in 1939. He spent years running away to save his life and his family from the Holocaust. As he turns 100 years old today, Oscar Haber shares the secret to his long life. “The good Lord gives, I take,” he tells the Lexington Herald-Leader. “It is very simple.”


In 1930 Haber married Fryda, but the wedding didn’t commence without any worries. A man who drove cars for Hitler happened to be dropping off Haber’s in-laws to the ceremony. He later told Haber, “If you weren’t a Jew, we'd be best of friends.”


Haber later served as a dentist in a work camp where Jews were imprisoned. After no longer being allowed to continue his profession, a Catholic priest arranged fake papers for him and his wife. Haber and Fryda had close encounters with the Gestapo but were able to stay out of harm’s way after a farmer hid them for the remainder of the war. His mother, three sisters, brother and niece, however, all died in the camps.


On Saturday night, Haber celebrated his 100th birthday in a party that included 70 of his closest friends. In an article in the Lexington Herald-Leader he sums up the lessons he learned during the dark moments in his life. “Every day is a new day,” Haber said. “Every experience is new to you, and with God’s help, you try to manage it. As you can see, I did.”



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