Syria Condemns Israeli "Incursion" of the Temple Mount

Published: March 7th 2010

Temple Mount in Jerusalem
Pic: WikiMedia Commons
bsp; Syria went all out against Israel after the Israeli police and Palestinians clashed near Jerusalem's flashpoint al-Aqsa mosque, after protesters threw stones.

Damascus, March 6: Syria condemned yesterday the Israeli forces "incursion" of the yards of Al-Aqsa Mosque at the Temple Mount compound. Following the PLO, Syria bluntly accused Israel of the Temple Mount clashes, where 20 Israeli police forces were injured and 60 Arabs and Palestinians were hurt. The Syrian foreign ministry spokesman, said in the press release that "The Israeli attacks are in violation of the Arab and Islamic sanctities". In addition, in the public announcement made, Syria also accused Israel of hurting the feelings of Muslims all across the world. Syria also claimed that is Israel is not serious regarding the peace negotiations with the Palestinians.

The announcement, which was published by SANA, the Syrian Arab news agency, Syria's official news agency, also said that these clashes come "at a time the majority of Arab foreign ministers backed the resumption of indirect Palestinian-Israeli negotiations". According to them this was more evidence that Israel is neither interested nor serious in peace with the Palestinians. "The Israeli crimes are in provocation of the feelings of hundreds of millions of Muslims", the spokesman added.

Earlier on, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas condemned Israel for trying to stymie efforts to restart peace talks. On Wednesday, Arab foreign ministers meeting in Cairo lent their support to indirect U.S.-mediated talks, which they said should not exceed four months. Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas had said before the ministers' decision that he would abide by it, and was expected to make a formal announcement this weekend regarding the indirect talks. Following the clashes Abu Mazen said that "Israel's actions are out of line- especially after the Arab leaders agreed to restart the talks between the two sides".

On the contrary, Israel's Internal Security Minister, Yitzhak Aharonovich blamed Hamas and the Islamic Movement for fueling the feud. The city of Jerusalem's police said that protesters will be dealt with and that they will be brought to justice. Police officials also said, that the protests are an exploitation of the Palestinians teenagers, who where allowed this time to enter the Temple Mount compound in order to allow the freedom of worship.

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