New Israeli "Black Box" for Cars

Published: March 5th 2010

Pic: SpeediCator

Don't you ever wish your car had a "black box" data recorder just like jet planes do? For instance, when the kids take the car out? Or when the police pull your over for speeding? Or you simply wish to get more performance out of your ride? If so, then the SpeediCator is just the thing for you. The Speedicator is a new Israeli-made life-saving patent, from "Lipman Science" consisting of a witty little camera, which is placed just above the car's speedometer and gives a real time warning when drifting over the speed limit, all the while storing the details of the entire cruise. 


The SpeediCator is equipped with memory, which can store driving details such as driving behavior and vehicles performance data for up to 30 driving hours (2 weeks average driving time) and can be connected to your personal computer by USB. You can make up "driver profiles" for any of the different drivers roaming around with the car, analyze the driver's behavior and score the driver's performance at any time. Using the device's statistics, one can analyze the vehicle's performance as well, in order to maintain an efficient fuel economy.  

Moreover, the SpeediCator encourages drivers (especially the younger ones) to drive responsibly. This contemporary gadget can warn drivers when driving wildly and in a careless manner and thus fight traffic collisions. Concerned parents can let the kids know their driving habits are monitored and can also track their teens' progress and deny them the keys or send the young driver to safety courses- in case of need. Another great thing about the SpeediCator is the device's “anti-drowsy” mode which monitors the driver and warns in case of erratic driving, for safer night driving.


In addition, the SpeediCator is a good solution for companies who own car fleets- employees drive more responsibly when knowing they are monitored. More responsibilty, might mean less accidents which in turn mean cheaper insurance costs and more. It is easy to install, and because there is no interface with the car's computer, there is no risk it might damage the car's components. It weights only 50 gram and is hardly noticeable in terms of size. The SpeediCator can be bought for the affordable price of US$68.

In conclusion, nothing fits the SpeediCator more than the old saying of "good things come in small packages" and maybe this time time "size matters" just doesn't mark the spot.

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