Jerry Weintraub Joins JLTV

Published: March 5th 2010

Jerry Weintraub


Acclaimed film and TV producer Jerry Weintraub has joined JLTV's Board of Governors. 


Weintraub was born in Brooklyn and raised in the Bronx. He started his career as a talent agent for MCA and formed Management III in 1965, where he became a leading concert promoter working with the likes of Elvis Presley and Bob Dylan.


His first film venture was Nashville by Robert Altman, followed by Oh God. In 1982, Weintraub produced Diner, which starred a new generation of actors, including Kevin Bacon, Paul Reiser, Ellen Barkin and Mickey Rourke.


Weintraub also produced The Karate Kid series and the Ocean's Eleven films. His next movie release is a revival of the The Karate Kid featuring Jackie Chan.




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