Israel's ISH Theatre in Toronto

Published: March 4th 2010

"Odysseus Chaoticus"
Pic: Al Green Theatre


Odysseus Chaoticus is a cabaret show based on the travels of Odysseus, king of Ithaca.  Intertwined with the mythology of Odysseus is the story of an eccentric Italian family. They include a romantic, dreamer husband, his uptight wife, a needy grandfather and their newly born baby.


In order to escape his mundane day-to-day routine, the husband enters an imaginative journey inspired by The Odyssey.


Founded in 2008, ISH is a physical theatre ensemble that focuses on clowning and mime. Most of their plays derive from ancient myths, folk tales and archetypical themes.


The show features only three actors/clowns who play a multitude of characters. The play is defined by its clowning, acting, dance, live music and physical theatre. It’s being staged at the Al Green Theatre tonight and on March 6 in collaboration with the Canada-Isarel Cultural Foundation. 


Tickets cost $18 (General admission) and $12 for students and seniors. For more information, visit

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