Governor General Delivers Throne Speech

Published: March 3rd 2010

Throne Speech

Parliament opened today with Governor General Michaelle Jean delivering the Speech from the Throne, which highlighted the government’s support for the establishment of a national Holocaust memorial.


“Our Government believes that we must ensure the memory of the Holocaust is never lost and maintain vigilance against all forms of anti-Semitism,” said a statement from the government.


The Throne Speech said that Canada is a “country of refuge” for people who are persecuted or who are the victims of natural disasters in their home countries. It listed the government’s acceleration of adoptions for Haitian orphans and the temporary extensions of the stays of Haitians already in Canada when the earthquake hit as examples.


“To remove the years of uncertainty often faced by refugees in genuine need, while closing off avenues for those simply seeking a back door into the country, our Government will propose comprehensive reforms to the refugee system,” the Throne Speech said.


The speech also spoke about the government’s plan to recognize the importance of new immigrants to Canada and detailed plans to make the transition to Canadian life easier.


The government’s strategy involves the Pan-Canadian Framework for the Assessment and Recognition of Foreign Qualifications, which aims to ensure that Canada has a highly skilled and adaptable workforce.


The government will continue its efforts with the provinces and territories to improve the recognition of foreign credentials using the Framework so that skilled workers are able to find jobs in their profession sooner.


The government will also increase oversight of immigration consultants to cut down on unauthorized consultants taking advantage of potential immigrants.


The speech centred on ways to stimulate job creation and investment. Cost-savings was also a major issue. The salaries of all government departments along with MPs, cabinet minister, senators and the Prime Minister will be frozen.


There were also promises to slash red tape and lift restrictions on investment in some industries.

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