UK University Hosted Anti-Semitic Islamic Preacher

Published: March 3rd 2010

Sheikh Abdullah Hakim Quick

A British university is being harshly criticized for inviting an Islamic preacher who has spread anti-Semitic and homophobic messages to give a lecture to students, according to the London Evening Standard.


Sheikh Abdullah Hakim Quick spoke on February 26 at King’s College’s Strand campus in London on “environmental problems, Islamic solutions.” He was brought in by the University of London Union Islamic Society as part of a Green Week campaign.


Quick has denounced Jews as “filth” and previously told an interviewer on TV that the Islamic position on homosexuality was “death”.


His website states the he was born in the United States, “accepted Islam in Canada in 1970”, and received a Masters degree and a PhD in African history from the University of Toronto. It says that he has served as “teacher, Imam, Daa’iyyah” in a number of major cities, including Toronto, and that he was a “regular contributor” to the Toronto Star’s religion page for three years.


 “King's College would not host a white supremacist who advocated racism or death to black people… King's College has an equal opportunities policy that prohibits the promotion of hatred against minorities, but it is not enforcing it,” said Peter Tatchell of Outrage in an interview with the London Evening Standard. "The university is not a safe place for Jewish and gay students when it facilitates a vicious homophobe and anti-Semite like Sheikh Abdullah Quick.”


He added that the university’s actions amount to “collusion with the gateways to terrorism.”


Before the lecture took place, a spokesperson for King’s College told the Standard that, “The Dean of King’s College London, who oversees multi-faith relations, and the president of the students' union, will attend the event. If they deem any comments from Sheikh Abdullah Hakim Quick to be offensive to minorities, the talk will be stopped.”


After his speech at King’s College, Quick was scheduled to appear at the University of East London.




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