March Madness Meditation

Published: March 2nd 2010

Campus Zen
Pic: Campus Zen


The term March Madness may refer to the month-long collegiate basketball tournament, but Canadian students know it as something else. March means due dates for university students—from mid-term exams to essays and projects. The Campus Zen – Wellness Symposium aims to help stressed out students adopt healthier lifestyles.


Co-founder and recent university grad, Michael Eisen said in a press release that they created Campus Zen “to assist students in mitigating stress, anxiety, pressure and uncertainty associated with student life while empowering and inspiring them to live a life full of happiness, optimism, purpose and self worth.”


The symposium is set to take place throughout March in three Toronto universities. The three-day interactive event will feature exhibition fairs from vendors, demonstrations and a movie night. Author and host of the CP24 television show, Wylde on Health, Bryce Wylde will also be making the keynote presentation.


Admission is free for students of host universities but Wylde’s speech is open to the public for $20. Wylde said, “This workshop not only applies to students, but to everyone and anyone interested, as we are all students of life and we are always learning.”


Eisen's inspiration for starting the symposium derives from his own experiences as a university student. In his second year studying commerce at McGill University, Eisen went through a great deal of anxiety. He stressed too much about achieving high grades to the point where he became physically ill before taking exams. Eisen said, "I thought to myself ‘What is this happening to me? Is this what it’s all about?'"


The Jewish businessman was always drawn to building communities and helping others, due to his faith background. So upon graduation, he decided to combine his two passions: marketing and personal development. He began practising with his dad, who left his career in the steel business to become a life coach. Eisen worked in a marketing agency before launching Campus Zen in August 2009.


He hopes to take the event to other Ontario universities by September and eventually expand to Western Canada and the U.S.


Campus Zen will be at York University (Keele Campus) from March 9-11, at the University of Toronto (St. George Campus) from March 22-24 and Ryerson University from March 29-31.


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