Personal Income Tax Return Checklist

Published: March 1st 2010

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Peter Edrey from Accounting Plus Financial Services Inc. prepared the list of the most important information required for completing the 2009 tax return:


1/Make sure to have the right personal and family information:


Name, address, date of birth, S.I.N., and province of residence on December 31, 2009.

Marital/common-law status and spouse/partner's income, S.I.N. and birth date.

List of dependants/children, including their incomes and birth dates.

If you or one of your dependants was in full time attendance at a college or university, details concerning name of institution, number of months in attendance, tuition fees, income of dependant, Form T2202.


2/Persons with disabilities


Are you disabled or are any of your dependants disabled? Provide Form T2201 - disability tax credit certificate. This also includes extensive therapy such as kidney dialysis and certain cystic fibrosis therapies. Also, the transfer rules include relatives such as parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, nephews or nieces. Persons with disabilities may also receive tax relief for the cost of disability supports (eg. Sign language services, talking textbooks, etc.) incurred for the purpose of employment or education.


3/Details regarding residence in a prescribed area which qualifies for the Isolated Area Deduction.


4/Information regarding child tax benefits receipts.


5/Receipts for 2009 income tax installments or payments of tax.


6/Copy of 2008 personal tax returns, 2008 Assessment Notices and any correspondence from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), 2009 Personalized Tax information which CRA may have sent you.


7/Do you want your tax refund or credit deposited directly to your account in a financial institution? Yes/No. To start direct deposit, or to change banking information, attach a void personalized cheque or your branch, institution and account number.


8/Details of carry forwards from previous years including losses, donations, forward averaging amounts, registered retirement savings plans. Details of foreign property owned at any time in 2009 including cash, stocks, trusts, partnerships, real estate, tangible and intangible property, contingent interests, convertible property, etc. Details of income from or distributions to foreign entities such as foreign affiliates and trusts. Details of your Pension Adjustment Reversal if you ceased employment and were in a Registered Pension Plan or a Deferred Profit Sharing Plan. (T10 Slip)


9/ In-home care - If you provided in-home care for a parent or grandparent (including in-laws) 65 years of age or over, or an infirm dependent relative, a federal tax credit may be available.


10/Retroactive lump-sum payments: Individuals receiving qualifying retroactive lump-sum payments over $3,000 may be allowed to use a special mechanism to compute the tax.


Edrey reminded to file the taxes as soon as you have all the tax information. You do not need to pay the tax owing until April 30th. Small business owner and spouses can file by June 15th; however, if you owe taxes, CRA charges interest starting April 30th.

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