A Whole New Way of Learning

Published: February 28th 2010

Vali Nasr who participated in the Satellite at Sinai series in the fall
Lana Rottenberg
Pic: Lana Rottenberg

One of the most amazing aspects about the program is the price. “The people that have come out have been pleased, because for the price of going to the movies you’re supporting Temple, you’re getting a great speaker, and you can bring a friend,” said Ms. Rottenberg, and added that the price is even better when you put together what you are getting and how much it would cost to bring the speaker to Toronto: “When it comes to budgets, to bring a speaker here to Canada, would be a huge cost and there’s no practical way for us to do it. But yet on the other hand we want to share their ideas and hear what they have to say and feel connected to the larger Jewish community. These programs are an excellent way to do so. There is a certain kind of closeness and intimacy even though it’s over a satellite, because you’re hearing every word, you’re getting every nuance, and you have someone doing an interview. It’s not like if you were in a huge theatre and the speakers were like little specks far away at a distance on stage.”


An important message Ms. Rottenberg wanted to send to the local Jewish community is that anyone in our community can come forward to host one of these programs at Temple Sinai. “We have the rights for a 35-mile radius so no one else within 35 miles can purchase the satellite or run these shows. But Temple Sinai doesn’t have to run all of them, and in fact we only have room on our own calendar for a certain number during the year. If another synagogue or Jewish organization sees a program they’re really interested in, they can come to Temple Sinai and host one of the programs using the Temple as a venue.”


The programs tackle many issues, from theatre and arts to heavy duty political issues. So if you’d like to hear a great speaker, possibly get your questions answered, enjoy an additional meaningful discussions, and have a great evening all for a reasonable price, consider coming out to one of the future sessions. The doors always open at 7:30pm (no advance sales) and tickets are $10 for Temple Sinai members and $15 for non-members. “It’s nice to be able to use the synagogue not solely as a place of worship but as a place of lifelong learning. For some people this is the kind of format for learning that they really enjoy,” concluded Rottenberg.


For more information on the Satellite at Sinai programs, visit Temple Sinai’s website at www.templesinai.net, call 416-487-3281 or e-mail education@templesinai.net


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