Israelis Prove That Size Doesn't Matter

Published: February 22nd 2010

Screen Grab from the Size Doesn't Matter Campaign
Pic: Size Doesn't Matter Campaign

Rebecca Cherniak, coordinator of the campaign and chair of Israel affairs for the Canadian Federation of Jewish Students also confirms that Size Doesn't Matter is an initiative strictly run by students, not by CIJA. She said that they have not been in contact with any Israeli ministers or diplomats. Cherniak also clears up that the video was meant to change students' views of Israel or perhaps know more about it. "We were very dismayed by the way that Israel is represented in the media," she says. "We think students are more critical and want to understand more than the typical slogans they see. We put together a campaign that grabs people's attentions."


Since its release four days ago, the video has received 11, 000 clicks and the website has recorded 4,000 hits in the same amount of time. As for the controversy behind the video's sexual content, Cherniak thinks people are taking it too seriously. She emphasizes that the demographic of the video was not meant to be religious groups. "It's for the 80 per cent of students who have no connection with the Middle East and who don't even know where Israel is on the map," Cherniak says, "I think the majority of students are comfortable with that level of sexuality."


The Size Doesn’t Matter video will premiere at various events in 20 different Canadian universities. CFJS also plans to release a second video within the next few days. For more information, visit

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