Legends Wrestle in Support of Breast Cancer

Published: February 19th 2010

Magen brothers with Iron Sheik and Hulk Hogan
Pic: TWE
Rethink Rumble
Pic: TWE


Every young sports fan dreams of being there one day, neck and neck with their idols. Growing up, Jian and Page Magen were no exception. The only difference is their pipedream became reality.


And instead of simply walking in the shoes of their heroes, they created their own league full of those exulted names from the golden years of their childhood: King Kong Bundy, Honky Tonk Man, the Bushwackers, Jake “The Snake” Roberts.


The story begins when Jian and Page were in high school. Huge wrestling fans, the twin brothers also promoted parties – indeed, they would go on to found Magen Boys Entertainment, a party promotion company that is a wild success story in its own right.


One serendipitous day, they came across a flyer for a wrestling event taking place in a grimy Scarborough dive. They could not believe their eyes. This was wrestling as they had never witnessed it – up close and personal, in your face, completely live – in a small building where you could literally see the sweat flying out of the ring. It was too good to be true. They jumped at the chance to learn more.


“When we got there, we were blown away to see there were only a hundred people there in this room to see wrestling,” recalled Jian Magen.


Jian and Page looked at each other, barely able to contain their excitement. At the time, Jian figured he could easily coral a similar sized crowd together just to watch him and his brother beat each other up. To get the actual household wrestling names they had worshipped as kids – the Iron Sheik, Macho Man, Junk Yard Dog – well, it seemed like a no brainer. There was no way they could not do it.


“We basically got our stuff together and we figured out how to learn to put together a wrestling show and the rest is history,” said Jian.


Out of that one fateful evening of run-down suburban bar wrestling, Twin Wrestling Entertainment was born.


Starting out 10 years ago as a small show, TWE now tours across Canada – they have even made it up to the Northwest Territories. So far, they have put on over 100 shows across the country featuring local names and legends from the past. The TWE title belt is currently held by local favourite Flesh. There are tag team matches, cage matches, table matches.


The storylines recall the glory days when Hulk Hogan ruled the ring, a time when wrestling was about sport, not soap opera theatrics.


“You see a little bit of everything, good guy and bad guys,” said Jian. “What we’re providing is completely over the top. It brings people back to memories that they couldn’t get anywhere else.”


A typical evening of TWE wrestling brings together classic names from the ‘80s and ‘90s, legends such as the Iron Sheik, Jimmy Superfly Snuka and Hacksaw Jim Duggan. The action is so up close and personal that you can practically feel the headbutts and the piledrivers.


“It’s no more than 300 people. It’s like the big arena show in an intimate setting,” he said.


Events are held everywhere from backyards and driveways to banquet halls and hotel ballrooms.


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