The Designer Cookie

Published: February 19th 2010

Monica Krasny, the edible art designer
Pic: Monica Krasny
Edible Coach Purse
Pic: The Designer Cookie
Ladybug cupcake
Pic: The Designer Cookie


Meet Monica Krasny, the edible art designer. She recently left her cushy corporate gig to, well, bake. “I have a big passion for baking!” declared Krasny when she spoke to Shalom Life from her shop The Designer Cookie located in the Forest Hill neighbourhood of Toronto.


If you spoke with Krasny nine months ago, you would have felt a different vibe. “I was working for a software online company and getting fed up. I’m a creative person and needed an outlet so over the years, I would bake as an outlet.” And when her husband posed the question ‘if you could open up your own shop, would you?’, she quit her job and never looked back.


The result? She proudly opened up her bake shop on November 15, 2009.


Her product is fun, artistic, quirky and delicious above all – not bad for someone who has had no formal training. “I learned how to do all of this by reading books and watching videos on YouTube!” shared Krasny.


From cupcakes to wedding cakes and from designer treats to chocolate corporate business cards, Krasny is fullfuling her creative urge.


For more information on Monica Krasny and The Designer Cookie, please visit



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