Turning Off the Left's Tap

Published: February 18th 2010


Chazan also strongly expressed her anger about the personal campaign against her: “This is exactly what was done to Jews in Europe in the 1930s. My parents came to Israel in order to be free people. They came from a place where one’s civil rights were respected. They understood that multiple opinions strengthen us. Today we are losing the basic values on which the state was formed. The right of the citizens to publically debate is being rejected. This is how fascism started in Europe, with de-legitimacy of human rights. In the last year we are on a slippery slope which will lead us to the darkest times.”


Chazan’s Political Solution

Shalom Yerushalmi of Israel’s Ma’ariv newspaper asked Naomi Chazan three questions regarding her stance on the policy Israel should exercise on the Palestinian issue.


Yerushalmi: How should Israel have responded to the firing of Qassam rockets?

Chazan: Using other methods. Before the war there was a ceasefire. We wouldn’t have started the operation in Gaza if we didn’t want to prevent a settlement with our neighbours.


Yerushalmi: What do you suggest be done today?

Chazan: We should leave the [occupied] territories and establish a Palestinian state with two capitals in Jerusalem. The settlements will remain only if the settlers agree to become Palestinian citizens. If we don’t establish two states we will be justifying any inhumane act that we perform towards Palestinians under the headline of security. We’ve lost the courage to defend ourselves not by using the army, but by a courageous political process.


Yerushalmi: So we will stay within the boundaries of the Green Line with a Jewish state?

Chazan: This will be a Jewish state but not just of the Jewish people. Every state is a state of all its citizens. In the Declaration of Independence we invite the Arabs to live with us and among us. To this day we systematically discriminate against the Arabs among us and this is a stigma against our country.


Below are two illustrations published by Im Tirtzu that condemn Naomi Chazan and the New Israel Fund.


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