Turning Off the Left's Tap

Published: February 18th 2010

The report’s composers point out that by analyzing the Goldstone Report one can learn that the weight of the Goldstone members’ reliance on the New Israel Fund’s organizations is 42% of the weight given to all the Israeli sources. On this issue it was written: “A detailed analysis of the data shows that among the Israeli organizations mentioned in the report and on which the Goldstone Report based its accusations against the IDF and Israel, there are some who contradict the report’s allegations or have neutral feelings towards these allegations. As it turns out, 92% of the quotes who bring up arguments against Israel came from organizations funded by New Israel Fund. Without the fund’s publications, the Goldstone Report would not have had a basis for most of its allegations which are supposedly taken from Israeli organizations. The phenomenon is amazing: The organizations which pressured to establish the committee are the same organizations on which the report bases its arguments against the IDF and Israel, most of which are organizations supported by New Israel Fund.”


Im Tirtzu also indicates that the organizations’ activities “have effective results, both directly and indirectly, among them: International condemnations of Israel; worldwide anti-Israel demonstrations; demands to put IDF officers on trials in several European countries; pressure by the UN and other countries on Israel to stop the fighting; placing economic sanctions on Israeli companies; financial claims of hundreds of millions of dollars against the Ministry of Defense, and manifestations of anti-Semitism as a result of slander.” According to Im Tirtzu, “A group of left wing organizations that receives funding from identical sources overseas, is forming international pressure which causes Israel difficult political damage and hurts Israel’s legitimacy to defend itself in the future. Foreign money sponsors these organization’s activities.”


New Israel Fund denies and threatening with libel suits

New Israel Fund rejected outright the serious accusations and said in an official message it published: “Presenting New Israel Fund and its President, Naomi Chazan, as enemies of the states and as seeing IDF soldiers as criminals, is not based on reality and is very severe.” NIF also contacted newspapers and websites who had published ads by Im Tirtzu condemning NIF, and demanded that the ads be removed, that an apology be printed and a compensation of 100,000 NIS be paid.


During an interview to Israeli website NRG, Naomi Chazan accused the campaign against her as McCarthyism. “They are demonizing a group of people on one woman’s back…this is the type of thing that angers and worries me. This is a McCarthyistic spread of lies. It’s a violation of civil rights which I am fighting,” she said.

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