Jew and Improved

Published: February 10th 2010

Jew and Improved
Pic: HarperCollins
Author Benjamin Errett
Pic: HarperCollins


Jew and Improved by Benjamin Errett.


When Benjamin Errett proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Sarah, he decided to go the distance by converting to Judaism. This engaging book  follows Ben and Sarah’s education in spirituality, community and gefilte fish  when the couple was pretty sure they already had all those things figured out.  But more than that, it’s a love story about the ordinary things that happen  after you make an extraordinary choice. It’s about making a big change in your  life for someone else and realizing that you were doing it for yourself all  along.

This is  a story of goy meets girl, and of what happens when a couple in their 20s takes on a complex faith in its 6000s. Laugh-out-loud funny, thoughtful and  revealing, Jew and Improved is Errett’s take on joining an ancient tribe and dragging his  fiancée along for the ride.

"For most of my life, I  was quite happy to be unemployed, spiritually speaking. But when Sarah and I  got engaged, I decided joining her tribe was the right thing to do. Beyond  that slogan for Quaker Oats, I couldn’t quite articulate why I wanted to do  this. Sure, it made her parents happy, but I’d like to think I had them onside  from the beginning. I knew I was searching for something, though I had no  clear idea what that something was."

The book's publication date  was on February 6th. Stay tuned for our one-on-one interview with Benjamin Errett.



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