The Paul Telner Show Gets 'Sooo Weird'

Published: February 9th 2010

Paul Telner on Much Music

We're like the nerdy version of Jersey Shore.

What can we expect for the first episode of Paul Telner TV?

We're opening the show with what is probably one of my favorite episodes of the season, The Magician. I don't want to give too much away, but the ending of the video had myself and the crew in tears of laughter. It actually hurt, we were laughing so hard! I remember looking at Jay and our shooter Mike, and just dying after the "event" happened.

I love making what we call "reality comedy" because you never know exactly what's going to happen and what characters you will encounter. It keeps it fresh and exciting.

The cool thing about the show is I think it has something for everyone; characters, subtle comedy, big in-your-face moments, and everything in between. It's a prank show and reality show all in one. I really hope people dig it. But if they don't, that's cool. I'm sure we would still be doing this if cameras weren't on us.

…Is that weird?

With your level of success, why have you remained committed to YouTube?

YouTube is really the future of where entertainment is heading. I always hear people talk about how these times are like the golden age of TV years ago. I agree with that. It's unreal what YouTube has become. It literally gives anyone the power to become popular and get a fan base that understands and appreciates what you do.

We’re still on TV in Canada—I grew up loving TV and still do. However, YouTube is so unique and different from TV or any other medium. You don’t have notes from executives telling you how to brand yourself, or how to shape your comedy. You know what your audiences want and you can give them that unfiltered, without any BS.


On top of that, the really crazy and exciting thing about YouTube is that no one knows where it's headed. Technically, TV has evolved—but content-wise it’s grown a tad bit predictable. We kind of know where TV will be in 5-10 years. With YouTube and the Internet, it's wild.


It's cool to see how many people have done well and found audiences that they may never have if they had tried going through the traditional avenue of entertainment. YouTube has evolved beyond watching cats and dogs do weird things to real shows, which can compete and be better than some TV programs.

And to get a glimpse at what to expect, here is a trailer for the Paul Telner Show.



Check out this trailer for the Feb 11th episode !!!!



It looks like things are going to get “Soooooo weird!”


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